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Do you Know Your OC'S?
I guess I'll take both old chars and newly-arisen ones))
Kaiton Men-kele
Lada of Cliff-castle
Ral the Drake
Finwen Hiffin
Emerald (Mer) the Emerald dragon
Lady Seregros (formerly Cloris Narcissa Hawthorne)
Corie Kingsley
Cora Kingsley

• 1: What's your OCs favorite color?  
Kaiton… not sure if he ever thought of it, but sticks to plain colors – whites and blacks and blues.
Lada likes earth hues – muted greens, grays, and browns. And reds, too.
Ral sees only whites, blacks, and reds due to his vision. And, I guess, likes all if they don’t mean danger.
Finwen likes generally any color – and a mix of bright or pastel colors is even better.
Emerald prefers greens and browns. And blues of the skies, and reds of sunsets, and whites of the snowcaps that cover mountaintops… well, he can enjoy anything.
Aaron feels comfortable with blacks and grays.
Cloris used to like blues and violets. As Lady Seregros, she seems to have developed a liking to whites and grays.
Corie and Cora share a liking to terra cottas, browns, and golden hues. Corie would add khakis and saffron, whereas Cora goes with deep reds.
• 2: Where does your OC work?
Kai studies at the Uni (though he thinks sometimes of dropping it)
Lada… well, she doesn’t actually need to work)) I could describe her occupation most precisely as ‘a noble’. She’s usually busy with things medieval nobles used to do.
Ral: I doubt he’s even familiar with the concept.
Finwen can do odd jobs from time to time, but mostly lives at her boy- or girlfriend’s expense. She studies, too, but dedicates an absolute minimum of time to her studies.
Emerald does odd jobs, too, under different false personalities… not all of them legal.
Aaron mainly sticks to jobs involving martial arts usage – from train-robbing to serving a liege lord as a fighter.
Lady Seregros has never had to actually work first as a daughter of one noble family, then a founder of another. She can do a wide range of intellectual jobs and some ones requiring martial arts, too, though she dislikes that.
Corie and Cora work as staff Earth-magic specialists in the Frontier research and monitoring facility.
• 3: What's your OCs favorite food?
Kaiton… well, I don’t even know if the notion of ‘favorite’ even applies to him. If it is I guess it’s something like pizza of burgers.
Lada likes roasted meat and hot soup. Well, it’s both in her daily ration.
Ral likes meat, too – mainly raw.
Finwen likes dairy products, green salad, veggies and fruit. But she doesn’t mind ‘unhealthy’ food like pizza, burgers, or chips from time to time.
Emerald can like any kind of food if it’s masterfully cooked.
Aaron and Seregros are both keeping to a very special kind of diet… while the latter prefers A+, the former is fine with any kind provided that he can get it.
Corie and Cora like fresh bread, vegetables, cereals, sausage, meat, dairy products - everything that can be described by ‘healthy country food’.
• 4: Does your OC prefer paper or plastic?
Kaiton doesn’t give a damn about such things.
Lada doesn’t shop.
Neither does Ral.
Finwen prefers paper.
Emerald rarely shops – and when he does, he takes whatever is used in the particular time and place.
Aaron almost never shops (prefers stealing or taking by force)
Seregros has never fallen so low as to think of such mundane matters. She usually has her shopping done by her servants.
Corie and Cora prefer paper.
• 5: How old is your OC? (nearly all ages are approximate here – my fault, never been good with numbers^_^’)
Kaiton is about 50 (about 20-22 in human terms)
Lada is 17 from her birth till the last moment we’ve seen her.
Ral doesn’t really know. Drakes have no tradition of counting their years.
Finwen is 55. (about 25 IHT)
Emerald is between 300 and 400 years old (rather young for a dragon)
Aaron was born roughly 300 years ago, and died at the age of about 30.
Seregros was born roughly 200 years ago, died at the age of 14.
Corie and Cora are both between 50 and 60 (between 20 and 25 in human terms)
• 6: Does your OC have any supernatural powers?
Kaiton doesn’t – at least, not of his own.
Lada has acquired superhuman speed and quick regeneration, but it has been at a price she would rather not pay.
Ral is a flying, acid-breathing, rudimentarily telepathic drake. All of that he deems perfectly natural for his kind which is magical to the core.
Finwen is psy- and energy-active (the modern and scientific way of telling she’s an able mage), with a bend toward spiritual manipulation.
Emerald can manipulate air and earth masterfully, other elements, too; he can shape-shift at will between human and dragon forms and conjure in any of those. In dragon form, he can fly, swim, or crawl in narrow spaces. He’s a dragon of ancient dragon kind! Any other questions?..
Aaron and Seregros have the usual feats of their kind: superhuman strength, speed, enhanced senses, quick regeneration of all but the most grievous wounds (and, care and food provided, perhaps even those, too). Seregros is an able telepath, while Aaron doesn’t excel at that.
Corie and Cora are both Earth mages and dreamseers (see memories of their ancestors in their dreams)
• 7: Is your OC in a relationship?
Kaiton used to date Finwen, but not for long.
Lada isn’t. She never thought of having one.
Ral isn’t – there’re just no female drakes around.
Finwen has been in lots of relationships – with Kai, with his best friend, with a female police officer… to name only a few.
Mer… emm, it’s hard to tell. There is a girl he cares for, but it cannot be described in such simple terms. Lasting ‘happily-ever-after’ relationships are not common amongst his kind, though sometimes he wishes they were.
Aaron is… a very special kind of relationship even he can not well define, hehe^_^
Seregros has been in a lot of relationships.
Corie dates his colleague, Nutta Huucal, though he’s also an object for another woman’s feelings, too.
Cora’s single so far.
• 8: What are some of your OCs strengths?
I think Kai’s main strength (if it could be called so) is his overall lack of involvement with the outside world which helped him take things that would have broken any other mind for granted.
Lada is strong-willed and unwilling to give up her aims and responsibilities even facing a certain fact of her own death or that of her loved ones.
Ral also is stubborn and resourceful enough to overcome his own death and come back.
Finwen’s strength is surely her sharp and quick mind and her willowy elvish charisma which she uses to bind others to her will.
Mer is strong perhaps in any sense – physically, magically, mentally. He also managed to retain his almost human emotional warmth and optimism which attracts others to his side – willingly, unlike it is with Finwen.
Aaron’s strengths (apart from those already mentioned) are his comparative flexibility and high adaptive capability.
Seregros’s strongest point is her power of manipulation and the mastery with which she uses her child-like appearance to charm and deceive others. She is also a seer, but her gift has grown a bit weaker with her physical death.
Corie and Cora are fiercely loyal to each-other and their close friends. Corie’s stronger point is quick response to unexpected situations and improvisation in critical times, and also casting powerful magic spells. Cora excels in careful planning and subtle energy-manipulations.
• 9: What are some of your OCs weaknesses?
Kai has plenty: he’s physically out of shape, lacks the ability to concentrate on anything due to his weak will and general apathetic attitude. He is usually driven by the tides of life wherever they take him without caring much. He’s also highly asocial and is commonly disliked, ignored or used, save for perhaps his best friend Jan who cares about him, gods know why.
Lada certainly lacks flexibility of mind, perhaps due to her upbringing and having to take heavy responsibilities at a young age. Perhaps she’s still emotionally immature. She is also not very nice at talking to people – and still poorer at understanding them.
Ral is too quick to go into a rage and often driven by his blood-thirsty instincts.
Finwen tends to underestimate others and thinks too much of herself. She is also a sociopath, but a different kind than Kai, a manipulative and arrogant kind.
Mer is sometimes too much emotionally involved into affairs of others, intervening without thinking of all the consequences. That can be explained by his comparatively young age.
Aaron is highly asocial, too (haha, looks like most of my OCs are), often gloomy and cold. As to physical weaknesses, he has low magic resistance, and the three S: sun, silver, and Seregros.
Seregros is in many ways like Finwen or Aaron – arrogant, emotionally cold, but she is more experienced in dealing with people, so she can hide that. Sun, magic, and silver are also to be noted.
Corie’s major weakness  is his overconfidence and lack of foresight.
Cora is sometimes slower to react than her brother, and she can be too timid at times.
• 10: What is your OCs favorite outfit?
Kai usually wears whatever he finds clean at the moment. He prefers baggy T-shirts and jeans. Also, there absolutely must be spacious pockets to put his hands, his music-player, and other handy things into.
Lada wears a burgundy caftan for occasions, and a simpler brown one as everyday wear. She likes whatever is warm, heavy, and practical in the woods she spends much time in (mainly wool, fur, leather, and linen).
Ral sees no sense in wearing clothes.
Finwen wears clothes with markers of whatever subculture her current relationship is in for, plus skinny jeans, Keds, small cloth backpacks. She likes to braid her hair elaborately and put flowers into it.
Mer can wear almost anything and look smashing in it^_^ the colors are mostly greens, browns, and beiges.
Aaron has strong ties to his old leather coat and hat in which he rather looks like a late-Imperial time witch-hunter. No one knows just how old are those garments.
Seregros wears flowing dresses according to pre-Overearth epoch (has much in common with Victorian fashion) in whites, ashen-grays, purples and smoky blues.
Corie and Cora like shorts or loose trousers, tartan shirts, all things one can wear in desert countryside around Ronan OEC where they grew up.
• 11: What is your OCs spirit animal?
Kaiton's is most surely a sloth.
Lada's is a wolf (it's in her family crest, too)
Ral - ........
Finwen's is a fox or fennec.
Mer's is - quite predictably - a dragon.
Aaron's... a wolverine, perhaps.
Seregros' is a moth.
Corie's is a hawk.
Cora's is a desert cat.
• 12: Is your OC sexually active?
Kai hardly is – though perhaps he would have been if he wasn’t frequently dumped by girls-_-
Lada isn’t.
Ral isn’t, either – because of the sorry lack of females around.
Finwen usually is – with both sexes.
Mer sometimes takes women to bed if they are attractive and willing, and he cares not for their racial differences.
Aaron is not. At least not anymore-_-
Seregros has never been (died virgin T-T)
Corie has a single partner that is Nutta.
Cora is still waiting for the one to arouse her well enough))
• 13: What is your OCs earliest memory?
Kai: not sure… maybe watching cartoons on TV.
Lada’s is most surely that of her father teaching her to ride.
Ral…I don’t know, really -_-
Finwen… I don’t know either.
Emerald probably remembers the moment he was hatched.
Aaron remembers very clearly when he, about three or four years old, saw soldiers marching past his suburban house into the woods to hunt whom they called ‘impure creatures of foul sorcery’.
What Seregros remembers of her early childhood are mostly surreal visions caused by her erratic gift of seeress.
Corie remembers his ancestors talking to him in his dreams.
Cora remembers her mother still alive.
• 14: Does your OC have a cell phone?
Kai used to, but, ah, lost it again >_<
Lada doesn’t. She has an old transmitter in her castle, but doesn’t use that, either.
Ral doesn’t know what the thing is and if it’s good to eat.
Finwen does… maybe more than one so that she could conceal her calls and texts by one relation from being accidentally seen by another.
Mer does when and where his job and/or lifestyle require it.
Aaron rarely does – and if he does, he is always ready to crush it so he would not be tracked.
Seregros has several.
Corie and Cora both do.
• 15: What makes your OC angry?
Kai: people peeking into his private affairs or going anywhere near him, or loud noises, or bright lights, rain, mud, cold, snow, definitely festivals, exams, being laughed at – well, almost anything X-( he’s always irritated at something.
Lada: any thought of her uncle.
Ral: angry is his usual state when awake.
Finwen: when her plans screw up because she has misjudged other people’s reactions; when others refuse to do what she wants or tell her to go fuck herself.
Mer: being deceived and/or cheated. Mean things happening that can lead to numerous deaths are also a certain way to anger him.
Aaron: Seregros.
Seregros: Failure – any kind.
Corie: Someone bullying Cora or Nutta.
Cora: Someone trying to hurt Corie. And also Corie being overconfident.
• 16: When is your OCs favorite time of year?
Kai likes nothing, he thinks it too cold in winter, too hot in summer, too wet in autumn and people getting too stupid in spring.
Lada likes summer.
Ral likes spring and summer because it’s warm and there’s much to eat.
Finwen can enjoy herself any time of the year.
Emerald also likes all times – and if he has weather which is not to his liking, he can move on to another climatic zone.
Aaron likes autumn and winter – the darkest and cloudiest time.
So does Seregros (who used to hate darkness and at the same time be unhealthily attracted to it when still a human).
Corie likes summer.
Cora likes summer and spring – the only time when desert blooms.
• 17: How long can your OC hold their breath?
Kai: a minute, no more. Maybe less.
Lada: she’s no longer sure she has to breathe. She never checked, anyway.
Ral: up to ten minutes when underwater or in a swamp.
Finwen: up to 3 minutes when entering a meditative trance.
Emerald: who knows… perhaps up to half an hour.
Aaron and Seregros can do it for an eternity.
Corie: about 2 minutes.
Cora: up to 3 when meditating.
• 18: What kind of underwear does your OC wear?
Kai wears whatever’s sold in the nearest market.
Lada wears underwear of home-spun linen mainly, and some items from the technically-advanced Overearth cities that she had got hold of accidentally. But she prefers the former.
Ral doesn’t wear any.
Finwen likes silk or fine cotton – or lace :3 the colors are usually white, light green or light blue, with some flower patterns.
Emerald wears whatever is both finest and most comfortable according to current standards (he had outlived several drastic changes in that kind of fashion, haha)
Aaron prefers whatever is practical.
Seregros wears fancy lace corsets and pantaloons, optionally silk stockings and other decorous things that go oh so well with her dresses))
Corie usually wears boxers of red or white or burgundy that look striking against his terra cotta skin when he undresses (Nutta luvz dat X-))
Cora prefers comfy cotton in white, red, or black colors for everyday wear. She is still to meet her sweetheart, but she thinks when she does she would be better off without any underwear on ;)
• 19: Does your OC prefer plaid or polka dots?
Kai: plaid.
Lada: plaid.
Ral: none.
Finwen: plaid.
Emerald: plaid.
Aaron: none.
Seregros: both.
Corie: plaid.
Cora: plaid.
• 20: What's your OCs favorite kind of pizza?
Kai: Cheese, perhaps. But any kind is okay.
Lada hasn’t eaten one, but perhaps if she had, she would like the meat and ham kind.
Ral hasn’t eaten one and doesn’t care about it.
Finwen likes the cheese-and-tomato kind, and also the one with olives and paprika. (And soda to go with it)
Emerald likes any kind, preferably with different kinds of meat if he’s really hungry. And beer to go with it, too!
Aaron and Seregros don’t care about pizza.
Corie and Cora like different kinds, especially pepperoni, or seafood-and-pineapples.
• 21: Who is your OCs best friend?
Kaiton’s best friend is Jan, his former co-student, who has given up medicine to take up computers – and, he has got good at that! But still Jan feels responsible for Kai and is his friend – perhaps because there is no one else who would.
Lada’s closest thing to a friend is Basko, her second-generation loyal knight (his father used to serve her family before being killed with her father). Truly, his feelings for her are more complicated than just friendship or servitude, but he hardly gives it much thought, because he has no time for that.
Ral has no friends, only those who’re stronger than he and those who’re weaker. The former he’s afraid of, the latter he generally eats.
Finwen claims to have a lot of friends, but with each of them she gets only as close as it is necessary for her, so, actually, she has none. The one who really cares about her even after finding what kind of person she is is Layne, a human medical post-grad student whose studies Finwen used for her own reasons.
Emerald has Aaron who is more reliable partner than friend, and Idris, a human-sylph mage who’s a little more than just a friend.
Aaron has partners, enemies, rivals, and Seregros. Friends, he does not have.
Corie’s best friend has always been his twin sister Cora. Same with herself.
• 22: Has your OC ever killed someone?
Kaiton hasn’t – at least, not by acting.
Lada probably has – to save her own life, mostly, or out of revenge. Otherwise, how has she managed to escape the castle after her father had been murdered? Once, she was caught unarmed by an assassin, and ended up hitting him with a burning oil lantern.
Ral regularly does. He kills or he gets killed – it’s the law of nature.
Finwen hasn’t. She is too careful to let it come to actual killing.
Emerald has, though he didn’t take pleasure in it.
Aaron has. And he DID like it.
Seregros has. Mostly, she never thought of those she killed again. Sometimes she did. Rarely, she regretted it, but knew it had been necessary.
Corie and Cora haven’t so far.
• 23: What’s your OCs biggest secret?
Kaiton’s secret for some time was the fact of having Ral’s spirit inside his body.
Lada is quite specific about secrets: she never kept any from Basko or her father (save for those she was not fully aware of herself). And she tends to keep _everything_ back from outsiders which comprise all the other people.
Ral hasn’t any. He just doesn’t say anything until forced to.
Finwen’s biggest secret is her dreams to genetically reproduce a real dragon (that she assumes is completely extinct) and control it. Only Layne knows it – Finnie told her when they were both drunk and making love to each other – and helps her willingly afterwards.
Emerald’s secret is who he actually is. There are very few who can actually know him for what he is just by looking at him – expert mages mostly. Some of them understand his wish to keep it hidden, some he has to kill.
Aaron’s secret – the one he keeps from everyone including himself – is that his attraction to Seregros has not to do with her charms and blood ties she had managed to reverse but genuine care.
Seregros has many secrets. In fact, there are precious few who know anything about her at all (Aaron’s among them).
Corie and Cora’s biggest secret (mind those two are not secretive at all) is that they come to know how their mother died and how it is connected to the grim origins of the Frontier. For a long time they tell no one, trying to investigate it themselves.
• 24: What does your OC smell like?
Kai smells of fast food, detergent and dust.
Lada smells of leather, leaves, smoke, cooking food, moss.
Ral reeks>_< mostly it’s sharp animal musk, greenery, earth, blood.
Finwen smells of light flowery or sandalwood perfume or incense.
Emerald wears perfume if he’s in the city, to conceal his natural scent not unlike the mix of ozone and overheated metal.
Aaron smells very slightly of earth (that is, if you manage to get close enough to him and live long enough to sniff at him) and leather from his ever-present coat and hat.
Seregros chooses from her rich collection of perfumes very carefully every night to add to her current image. Her natural smell is, quite predictably, that of earth and desiccation.
Corie and Cora used to smell of sun, sand, dust, and dry grass with a faint trace of musk when they were young and lived on the farm. Now they smell of shower gel mostly.
• 25: What time of year does your OC prefer?
Already answered that, have I not? ))
• 26: Is your OC a human or an animal?
Kai is neither (elf)
Lada is human (though it’s debatable now)
Ral is the closest thing to an animal among this bunch – he’s a smoke drake.
Finwen is neither (elf).
Emerald is neither (a dragon is NOT an animal – it’s a more intellectually sophisticated race than most others>_<).
Aaron and Seregros used to be human before converting.
Corie and Cora are _kemen_, earth spirits.

• 27: What languages does your OC speak?
Kai speaks Common (a language that evolved from the one humans used to speak in the old Empire and is now an official language in Overearth cities) and knows some phrases in Elvish (he can remember almost nothing from the school course)
Lada speaks old Imperial language and simple Common.
Ral can pick up simple phrases from his interlocutor’s mind and express himself clearly (like: I kill you, I eat you, or I go away ‘cause you’re stronger) in any language if he needs. Mostly though he communicates in direct images which are automatically interpreted in the recipient’s mind.
Finwen speaks Common and Elvish, also some old Imperial.
Emerald speaks all kind of languages, but not all his knowledge is up-to-date.
Aaron speaks old Imperial and Common, though he despises the latter.
Seregros speaks old Imperial and Common, knows Elvish, Dwarvish, and Drow dialects.
Corie and Cora speak Common, can also speak somewhat old Imperial they picked up from their dreams, and _kemen_ dialect of Elvish (elemental spirits used to live together with the elves and the dialects differ only slightly).
• 28: Does your OC like anime? (well, I’ll assume there is a thing close enough to anime in that world, just because I like it too much to deprive a whole world of it^_^)
Kaiton likes some hentai from time to time
Lada doesn’t know of it.
Ral doesn’t, and doesn’t care.
Finwen watches it because Jan is a huge fan of anime maids, schoolgirls and stuff^_^
Emerald doesn’t much care for it.
Aaron hasn’t seen it.
Seregros has watched just enough to keep track of what attracts young people. According to her style and image, her favorites must have been smth like Ergo Proxy, Shiki, Rozen Maiden, and Hellsing (damn, she would have loved the last one!)
Corie and Cora were both in for shounen, fantasy and mystery anime when they were kids. (I bet they’d have loved Fushigi Yuugi and Twelve Kingdoms)
• 29: Can your OC swim?
Kaiton is poor at that (as poor as at anything)
Lada can.
Ral can if needed.
Finwen can and likes to.
Emerald can, too. And I guess he loves that))
Aaron can’t though he used to be able to when still a human.
Seregros can’t and never could. She was too cherished and frail a child to be allowed to do such extravagant things.
Corie and Cora can and like it.
• 30: What does your OC choose to do about the, er, hair down there?
Kai doesn’t care (elves don’t tend to be very hairy down there, though there are exclusions, too).
Lada doesn’t care.
Ral hasn’t got any hair^_^’
Finwen shaves it clean.
Emerald does whatever is considered sexy at the time.
Aaron doesn’t care.
Seregros hardly has any hair down there.
Corie does nothing.
Cora shaves it down to a stripe^_^’
• 31: Does your OC believe in fairies?
Heh, those of them who are _not_ actually fairies (Corie and Cora are) have met plenty, some have sylphs living next door^_^
• 32: Did your OC go to college? What did they major in?
Kai went to a medical college.
Lada didn’t.
Ral didn’t, too.
Finwen went to a med college.
Emerald did go to a number of colleges under different pretense personalities.
Aaron didn’t.
Seregros didn’t (home-schooled^_<)
Corie and Cora went to a magical college and took an Earth-advanced course.
• 33: Are your OCs parents dead?
Kai’s are alive and live in another Overearth city.
Lada’s are dead.
Ral doesn’t know.
Finwen’s are alive but she lives separately and doesn’t see them often.
Emerald doesn’t know.
Aaron’s physical parents certainly are. Where his converter is, he does not know, neither does he want to.
Seregros’ physical parents are dead, and her converter is Aaron.
Corie and Cora’s mother is dead.
• 34: Is your OC religious?
Kai doesn’t care for religion.
Neither does Lada.
Neither does Ral.
Neither does Finwen, though she has read much and can pretend an eager follower of one religion or another.
Neither does Emerald.
Neither does Aaron.
Neither does Seregros.
Corie and Cora follow the ancestors-worshipping religion of their kind.
• 35: How flexible is your OC?
Kai both is and isn’t. He just accepts what comes around.
Lada is not, she’s too rigid due to her traditional upbringing and generally medieval lifestyle.
Ral isn’t very flexible, save for when it comes to the question of life and death.
Finwen is extremely flexible and adaptive.
So is Emerald, though in a healthier way than Finwen.
Aaron is not.
Seregros is, though in some aspects she is traditional.
Corie and Cora are rather flexible.
• 36: What turns your OC on?
Kaiton: well, Idk… hentai, perhaps? X-)
Lada: no info.
Ral: the musky smell of a ripe female?
Finwen: spiritual dancing, thin flowing silken clothes, certain kinds of incense, rated movies… a lot of different things.
Mer: no info.
Aaron: young virgins?
Seregros: Exquisite types of BDSM (plain old whipping is too crude for her), display of exultation.
Corie: Nutta? ))
Cora: no info.
• 37: What was your OCs first word?
Kai: ‘Mama’?
Lada: Definitely ‘Dada’))
Ral: Rawrr>_<
Finwen: ‘Mama’, perhaps))
Mer: No idea, Seriously, none!
Aaron: The same>_<
Seregros: I suppose it was ‘scary’ of ‘monster’.
Corie and Cora’s was ‘Mama’, and I can well believe they said it simultaneously^_^
• 38: Does your OC have any pets?
Kai doesn’t – if we don’t take Ral into account, of course))
Lada has no pets – she has comrades and vassals.
Ral doesn’t.
Finwen doesn’t. She has no time for pets.
Mer doesn’t.
Neither does Aaron.
Seregros has – human pets, elf pets, vampire pets… you get the idea.
Corie and Cora have Chiyu the female mountain cat who lives at their father’s farm.
• 39: Who is your OCs biggest enemy?
Kai hardly has any… maybe himself.
Lada’s was her uncle who had killed her father to usurp his lands. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a chance to kill him herself.
Ral’s… well, the closest to his ‘enemy’ is Lada’s uncle who actually killed Ral’s physical body on a hunt.
Finwen has Dajana, a former co-student, the only one to know her for what kind of person she is and to say it openly. If anyone had believed what Dajana said, things could have been different…
Mer’s enemies don’t live long enough to evolve into ‘biggest enemies’^_^
Aaron tends to get rid of them, too.
Seregros, when still human, was terribly afraid of her family’s doctor who smiled sweetly but secretly hated her and her parents for being rich and powerful. When she accused him of lying, he tried to proclaim her mad and have her locked up in the asylum. Now her enemies tend to share the unfortunate doctor’s fate - he had been torn to pieces in front of her – and at her will.
Corie and Cora had been bitter enemies with an orcish girl Sherka, the leader of village bullies. After some years, Corie was shocked to learn the true nature of Sherka’s feelings toward him…
• 40: What is the craziest thing your OC has done?
Kai: Craziest from his point of view? Then it will be getting involved with Finwen.
Lada’s life of battle, reign, treachery, attempts at her life and other nice things was crazy at its every turn.
Ral chose Kai – out of all people in Ayearan Overearth City – as temporary vessel for his fading spirit. Damn, that was just supercrazy! >_<
Finwen _did_ genetically reproduce a drake using untested and unbelievable experimental technologies and scraps of magic lore))
Mer did a lot of crazy things.
Aaron’s was converting Seregros.
Corie and Cora’s was self-initiated investigation of a mysterious death not far from their village. Mind that they were just kids, though they were able mages even at that age.
• 41: What is your OCs motto about life?
Kai’s would be ‘Ahh, whatever’.
Lada’s: ‘Do what your honor dictates you to do. When it doesn’t, refer to common sense’.
Ral: ‘If it is weak, eat it. If it’s strong, stay away from it’.
Finwen: ‘Emotions are a person’s weak point. Of course if it’s not me’.
Emerald: ‘Do whatever your heart tells you to’.
Aaron: ‘Trust no one. I have made that mistake more than once, I know better’.
Seregros: ‘Only the weak need to love’.
Corie: ‘Go ahead and brave the storm!’
Cora: ‘Always mind the _small_ things’.
• 42: Does your OC drink coffee or tea?
Kai prefers coffee (black).
Lada drinks herb tea.
Ral knows nothing of either.
Finwen likes fragrant flower teas mostly, though she drinks coffee, too.
Mer likes both.
Aaron drinks neither.
Seregros hates tea and is indifferent to coffee.
Corie likes both tea and coffee.
Cora drinks both, though prefers red tea.
• 43: Who is your OCs biggest hero?
Kai has none – not with his attitude((
Lada’s hero is her father.
Ral has none – and needs none.
Finwen’s hero is perhaps one of the elven witch-queens of the Imperial times she had read about in the history books.
Mer has none.
Aaron has none, either.
Seregros has only anti-heroes.
Corie looks up to his mother.
Cora’s heroes are her mother and Auntie Darruck, an aged but shrew-minded orcish sorceress who lives in the neighborhood and helps look after them.
• 44: What color eyes does your OC have?
Kaiton’s are deep blue.
Lada’s are bright green.
Ral’s are yellow.
Finwen’s are misty-grey.
Mer’s are sparkling opalescent green.
Aaron’s are red.
So are Seregros’.
Corie’s are golden-brown.
So are Cora’s.
• 45: Does your OC like reading?
Kai reads comic books and rarely books on medicine when he studies for an exam. But all in all he is indifferent to reading.
Lada can read. This is all about it.
Ral can’t.
Finwen reads a lot of diverse literature on a thousand different topics. A question if she genuinely likes it is, however, debatable.
Mer likes and is well-read.
Aaron can read and does it to get useful information, but prefers other types of pastime.
Seregros likes to read and has read a lot.
Corie and Cora both like to read both literature proper and comic books. They often argue over a historical novel, comparing the events described to those they could fish out of their shared memories.
• 46: Is your OC loyal?
Kai is generally not.
Lada is fiercely loyal to her family, household, and land.
Ral discovers a most unexpected kind of loyalty.
Finwen is loyal to herself.
Mer tends to be loyal to his ever-narrow circle of friends.
Aaron is loyal to Seregros (though sometimes he has trouble with that) and – to some extent – to Mer who is his closest call to a friend, all things considered.
Corie and Cora are very loyal to each other first and foremost, and also to their relatives and friends.

• 47: Does your OC tolerate violence?
Kai can tolerate almost everything… though violence he does not like.
Lada can both inflict and tolerate violence if she thinks it is just.
Ral has it as his lifestyle }X-)
Finwen can if needed.
Same with Emerald.
Aaron and Seregros can use it or watch it used without second thought if they want it so.
Corie and Cora can if they think it’s just.
• 48: What social class is your OC from?
Kai is middle.
Lada is upper/minor noble.
Ral doesn’t give a shit about classes.
Finwen is middle.
Mer’s not a privileged species like war-leader or much-respected person. That’s all that can be said.
Aaron is lower middle.
Seregros is upper/elite.
Corie and Cora are middle.
• 49: What country was your OC born in?
Kaiton was born in Ronnan, OEC (Overearth City, much like state-cities or trade enclaves)
Lada was born in her family’s lands, in Cliff Castle, formerly on the borders of the now-inexistent human empire, now independent, not far from Ayearan, OEC.
Ral was born in the woods, precise location unknown.
Finwen was born in Ayearan, OEC.
Mer was born in the mountain ridge of Orn, and his kind did not care for smaller races’ countries.
Aaron was born in the human empire.
So was Seregros.
Corie and Cora were born in Ronnan, OEC.
• 50: Does your OC cry easily?
Kai doesn’t.
Neither does Lada.
Ral can’t cry.
Finwen does when she needs to, or when no one sees if she does not need to be seen.
Mer doesn’t.
Aaron doesn’t.
Seregros used to, but now she does not.
The Kingsley twins do not.
• 51: What is your OCs favorite genre of music?
Kai likes techno, power metal, elven spiritual songs, various types of rock-music, reggae, psychedelic.
Lada likes violin and flute.
Ral does not care for music.
Finwen prefers elven and human spiritual, all kinds of ‘new-agey’ music and some classical pieces of different cultures. She can also play some reedpipe.
Mer likes different genres, from traditional dwarven songs to decadent late-Imperial music.
Aaron likes classical and some kinds of rock. He can play the guitar, the mandolin, the flute and the violin.
Seregros has a liking to classical Imperial music and can play the piano quite well.
Corie likes to listen to rock, country, reggae, metal and spiritual music. Darruck taught him on the drums.
Cora shares a liking to these, plus some classical and traditional genres.
• 52: How does your OC feel about insects?
Kai hates insects.
Lada doesn’t mind them.
Ral can eat some large species.
Finwen likes to watch insects, but rarely touches one.
Mer doesn’t mind them.
Aaron is indifferent.
Seregros likes night-flies, moths, and spider.
Corie and Cora like watching ants in an anthill. They feel wary about poisonous insects, but all in all they don’t mind them.
• 53: What is your OCs sexual orientation?
Kai is straight.
Lada… asexual is the closest term.
Ral is straight I assume.
Finwen is bisexual.
Mer is… well, potentially his kind has no prejudice against homosexual relations, but he prefers women of different races))
Aaron is straight.
Seregros is bisexual.
Corie and Cora are both straight.
• 54: Does your OC smoke?
Kai doesn’t.
Lada doesn’t.
Neither does Ral.
Neither does Finwen.
Mer sometimes does.
Aaron and Seregros don’t.
Neither do the Kingsleys.
• 55: What gender is your OC?
Kai is male.
Lada is female.
Ral is male.
Finwen is female.
Mer is male.
Aaron is male.
Seregros is female.
Corie is male.
Cora is female.
• 56: What kind of clothes does your OC wear?
you asked this
• 57: Would you call your OC adventurous?
Kaiton follows if he has someone to lead on. But those are not really adventures – just small things like smoking pot on the sky-scraper roof, or an expedition to the nearest abandoned house.
Lada is not.
Ral is… to an extent.
Finwen definitely is.
Mer is adventurous to the bone.
Aaron is sometimes, though he tends to look out for unexpected consequences.
Seregros is. But she is good at planning and intelligent, so she generally comes out unscathed.
Corie and Cora both are, though Corie is to a greater extent than his sister.
• 58: Is your OC introverted or extroverted?
Kai is fully introverted.
Lada is mainly introverted.
Ral… idk-_-
Finwen is a little of both.
Mer is extraverted.
Aaron is introverted.
Seregros – it depends.
Corie is extraverted.
Cora is a little of both.
• 59: What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?
Kai: He has an emo haircut and matching facial expression.
Lada: She looks like a young boy out of a Senkevitch’s historical novel with striking green eyes.
Ral: He’s a fucking _drake_!
Finwen: Her beautiful flowing golden hair of a stereotypical elvish maiden and misty-grey eyes that always seem to be sad.
Mer: his eyes. No, seriously, his EYES! He has to wear sunglasses often.
Aaron: Well, when you see a guy in a witch-hunter-style leather coat and hat, what do you notice about him?..
Seregros: Her waist-long silvery-white hair which she ties into elaborate hairdos or lets down. And after that, her expression of adult distaste on a young child’s face.
Corie: his dreadlocks and his amulets and his facial tattoos=^_^=and his feline feet typical to _kemen_.
Cora: Her slender legs and feline feet (seriously, men find them sooo sexy!)
• 60: Does your OC enjoy nature?
Kaiton doesn’t. Dirt, bugs, puddles of water – yucky X-P
Lada does. She spends as lot of time in the woods.
Ral knows no other environment.
Finwen rather does.
Mer does, of course! Any possible type of nature from ice desert to rainforest.
Aaron does, though he dislikes open spaces, preferring forests or hills.
Seregros is indifferent.
Corie and Cora prefer nature to urban environment.

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